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If I were a real magician ….

In a world where all natural phenomena are “degraded” with answers and explanations of physical science, where the fascination and mystery of the past, is no longer the stuff of miracles. Despite all this there is still the most ancient mystical art: MAGIC!

For me, magic translates into fun, passion and profession. I try to flip the rules of this world onto its head. I take the audience back to a world full of myths and illusions.

“Magic” has a tremendous appeal for us all, regardless of age, gender, or profession. This universal language often amazes me! I think in each of us there lies the desire to know where the boundary of the magicians’ illusion and reality intersect………….

Magic is a dimension of fantasy and has always been a dream of Humanity. As a child I told myself: If I were a real magician I can make my dreams become a reality……..

One of those dreams has come true and that is to have the ability to allow those watching my magic to also dream.

We always continue to develop our art of magic, and this fascination will never stop!