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This new form of entertainment is imported from the United States.

It’s the casual relaxed way of deception art, surrounded and performed inthe middle of the audience. Frank Borton shows that art really close, right in front of stunned spectators. This is a special challenge because they can see exactly the sleight of hand of the master magician.

This magical art form is one of his specialties.
Frank Borton, sometimes funny sometimes mysterious, with great ease and confidence presents magical and miraculous effects of the top class:

Coins disappear …

Balls that appear from the ears

Rubber Bunnies that multiply ….

Often the common layman suspects the sleeves are too long ….

Frank Borton has his sleeves rolled up, the magic takes place even in the hands of the audience.. This traveling show at the tables makes all the spectators to players involving sleight of hand. `The absence of a stage set, the close range gives this performance a` particular distinctiveness that determine the success guaranteed.