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This show is an ironic form of magic that is missing no doubt cut the trunk of the woman poses with their American stars. What you see, is to have fun and magic to impress: Games of prestige with commentaries by Frank Borton in the guise of a stand-up comedian.

The public is directly involved in the program full of amazing surprises.

With a bit of “sense of humor,” participants will be involved either as players or as a witness to an exclusive show. “The` hidden ‘magic art presents itself as a brilliant-cut, sometimes humorous. Frank Borton even seems surprised by what happens to him, and that’s what makes it funny and believable. The requirements are often of everyday objects which in the hands of the master magician, or magician apprentice, gain incredible magical powers.

`The illusionist magician is a trickster who addresses the audience curious at your own risk and peril with the intention to cheer through amazing!