REPERTOIRE Truffaldino

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The fascinating world of fantasy, secrets and miracles.

Sec XII – XVII sec was certainly not the only dark, hard time of epidemics, the battle noise and the burning of witches.

It was also the time of the noble lady, the fearless knight, jugglers, magicians and Minuets. A curious figure, the first fool of the Middle Ages, reappears from an old trunk and back to life after over 500 years.

It’s called “Truffaldino”. His soul is called “Commedia dell’Arte”.

Catapulted into the present modern time, on-street and Castle-town festivals, he discovered the new world.

The encounter with the audience, created off the cuff funny, poetic and carnivalesque situations.

An amazing combination of juggling, dancing, singing, juggling and magic can revive this wonderful era!