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Man Without a Mask

This time the magician `Frank Borton off the mask, he stops, reflects, undresses, gets rid of the superfluous, but not to the renunciation of the rabbit hat, points the way but not the destination, even revealing the trick but keeps the secret, the search for the real magic, real, playing cards, with the intent to surprise, amaze, but especially to excite …

His word / Password: “MAGIC WITHOUT MASK”

What’s more, tired of the trunk with the double bottom of the valley television, Stop the obvious, the reality show, part of the island of Fame, Big Brother and the small screen, to the detriment of the `look` of being, where the false precedence over truth, to get to the fiction that exceeds the reality, Frank Borton was inspired by the desire to turn the page.

The certainty that in spite of everything there is still the most ancient mystical art:


Magic without a mask “the key of your imagination”