Comedy Magic

This show is an ironic form of magic that is missing no doubt cut the trunk of the woman poses with their American stars. What you see, is to have fun and magic to impress: Games of prestige with commentaries by Frank Borton in the guise of a stand-up comedian.

The public is directly involved in the program full of amazing surprises.

With a bit of “sense of humor,” participants will be involved either as players or as a witness to an exclusive show. “The` hidden ‘magic art presents itself as a brilliant-cut, sometimes humorous. Frank Borton even seems surprised by what happens to him, and that’s what makes it funny and believable. The requirements are often of everyday objects which in the hands of the master magician, or magician apprentice, gain incredible magical powers.

`The illusionist magician is a trickster who addresses the audience curious at your own risk and peril with the intention to cheer through amazing!

Close Up Magic

This new form of entertainment is imported from the United States.

It’s the casual relaxed way of deception art, surrounded and performed inthe middle of the audience. Frank Borton shows that art really close, right in front of stunned spectators. This is a special challenge because they can see exactly the sleight of hand of the master magician.

This magical art form is one of his specialties.
Frank Borton, sometimes funny sometimes mysterious, with great ease and confidence presents magical and miraculous effects of the top class:

Coins disappear …

Balls that appear from the ears

Rubber Bunnies that multiply ….

Often the common layman suspects the sleeves are too long ….

Frank Borton has his sleeves rolled up, the magic takes place even in the hands of the audience.. This traveling show at the tables makes all the spectators to players involving sleight of hand. `The absence of a stage set, the close range gives this performance a` particular distinctiveness that determine the success guaranteed.


Gone are the days when grizzled men caught the rabbit from the hat. No more corny jokes and tricks.

Now is time for Frank Borton!

This internationally recognized and award-winning magic show is an amazing combination of dance and magic:

The exceptionally perfect dexterity combined with dance choreography, seduces the audience into the borderlands of the imagination.

Easily work his shows, vibrant and yet mysterious. Join in a fascinating miracle world between dream and reality, illusion and magic.

Frank Borton presents contemporary art of magic and the most amazing effects.

With plenty of charm, wit and skill, he understands masterfully to inspire his audience to completely ….


For little younger Frank Borton is undoubtedly the greatest!

Because it conjures up not only for children but with children.

An age-appropriate magic program on the basis of their knowledge. Experience in a playful way for children to participate and witnessing amazing tricks.

Hokus Pokus-, and Abra-cadabra Simsalabim:

For children it is still pure magic in the fairy tale come true.

It is the perfect opportunity to let them be active players in the fantasy world, and allowed them to believe, with his magic, even the fairy tale creatures and supernatural powers.

After the show, a small gift for each child:

Borton Frank concludes his performance modeling of special balloons, creating the most varied forms of animals, objects and amazing fantasy sculptures.

Now that’s magic …


The fascinating world of fantasy, secrets and miracles.

Sec XII – XVII sec was certainly not the only dark, hard time of epidemics, the battle noise and the burning of witches.

It was also the time of the noble lady, the fearless knight, jugglers, magicians and Minuets. A curious figure, the first fool of the Middle Ages, reappears from an old trunk and back to life after over 500 years.

It’s called “Truffaldino”. His soul is called “Commedia dell’Arte”.

Catapulted into the present modern time, on-street and Castle-town festivals, he discovered the new world.

The encounter with the audience, created off the cuff funny, poetic and carnivalesque situations.

An amazing combination of juggling, dancing, singing, juggling and magic can revive this wonderful era!


“A mime needs the body of an athlete, an actor’s mind, the heart of a poet.”

(Etienne Decroux 1898-1991)

Hardly an audience can not escape the charm of this poetic, heart-breaking pantomime.

“I have to say something – that’s why I say nothing!”

Embarrassment, happiness, sadness and joy, silence and laughter are the elements with which it communicates and brings people to smile.

A volcano of ideas, amazing optical illusions of a visual expression!

The Pantomime not only impress, but leave impressions.

The performance of pantomime entitled “Fragments of Travel” offers a magician `s imagination.

A show that you could see even with eyes closed.

A mime that you can watch with your heart!